At this point, it would be very tempting for us to wax lyrical about our lovely Angel Sound Loudspeakers. However, we prefer to tell you about an exciting concept: Angel Sound Intelligent Performance. Our commitment to more accurate and more emotional experience. The result is even more detail and dynamic but with fewer distortion and lower subjective interference. In short, unique coloration and perfect soundstage.

Angel Sound offers exactly what our customers need: more vivid music reproduction than ever before.

Since we systematically reconstructed Angel Sound Ltd. in U.S.A., we have devoted ourselves to develop some outstanding loudspeakers by producing our fine cabinets in China, adopting the world-top scan speaker's drivers, WBT connectors, and those expensive but excellent Mcap capacities as our loudspeakers' key parts and finally assembling every Angel Sound loudspeaker in the U.S for perfect quality, which can be bought with some cost-effective or so-called budget prices. That is why we launched Angel Sound Series 300S in 2009 and Series 400S in early 2010 respectively.

We believe that Angel Sound Series 300S and Series 400S have firmly established itself in the bargain market, demonstrating that exceptional crystal-clear voice and extraordinary deep soundstage are not just restricted to those $100000 loudspeakers, while the first Angel Sound Series 300S and Series 400S proved once more that we are not afraid to follow unconventional paths to satisfy our customers with much lower cost.

The success story continued to gather momentum in late 2010- with Angel Sound Series 500S, 600S and 700S. With these three brand-new and extremely high-valued models, Angel Sound provides an incredible listening pleasure, which allow you to experience a rhythm as it is meant to sound, by pushing the boundaries of audio excellence still further.

They are the fruit of a 5-year project to redefine all aspects of loudspeaker design. Embedded with World-top Scan-Speak driver units, which have been hailed as the best driver units money can buy, Angel Sound Series 400S and 500S extends the frequency range smoothly by using sophisticated computer modeling technology- well above the limits of human hearing, creating an uncannily accurate three-dimensional image as well.

Extraneous vibration is one of the most challenging problems in loudspeaker design. Therefore, the unique combination of a curve-shaped cabinet and the fine-tuning crossover working together provides the ideal solution and gives a resonance-free environment for the driver units up to and beyond the 4 kHz crossover frequency.

In fact, the unusually thick cabinet walls have freed the driver units from unwanted cabinet diffraction and resonances caused by traditional rectangular enclosure, not to mention that exclusive-luxurious enamel painting on every Angel Sound loudspeaker, which enhances the intensity of every Angel Sound loudspeaker.

We never allow quality compromise and make a point to providing impeccable service to our most demanding customer. The link between high technology and luxury is pretty clear in our product development strategy. Without ever losing sight of where we have come from. That is how we remain true to ourselves.